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BrainCarve is a research based Organization focusing on brain development of children between the age of 5 to 16 years developed by Dr.B.Parameswari. BrainCarve is one of the premier companies that have made a paradigm shift in brain development than any medicine or education could accomplish. BrainCarve has come up with 6 techniques combining Vedic knowledge, memory, mathematics, creativity etc., all intended to change the way a child thinks or acts.

The BRAINCARVE program is a ‘whole’ brain development program combining the Foreign and Indian methods of learning – The Abacus system with the Western Science & Vedic Maths with the Indian Science.

“A Smart Brain is not God gifted, it is a Result of Good Training in the initial stages of Life”


Research shows that at least 80 percent of a child’s brain development occurs at early ages. It also indicates that as much as 30 percent of a youngster’s brain capacity can be lost in the absence of a nurturing early environment which encourages learning. Researches further state that early years bring “windows of opportunity” that open a child’s life forever even as it confirms the theory that high quality teaching and training that addresses cognitive, language, visual, math and emotional needs assures children greater success in their young age.


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"Be a part of the leading brand and opportunity to work from your place of choice, with flexible hours, while earning handsome returns for your time and money invested with us"


The BrainCarve programme is the brainchild of Dr.B.Parameswari (Creator & Founder), with a vision to spread whole brain development training across the world, the BrainCarve Professional Training Programs cater to a broad range of audience ranging from kids to adults and help them maximize performance and productivity at every level. BRAINCARVE will lend its brand name to the Franchisee, Excellent course content and test material which has been developed by experts will be provided to the Franchisee.

  Wider market for franchisees to penetrate business.

  Edge over competition in terms of curriculum, Techniques, etc.

  Appropriate course duration to maintain retention and Quality of Business.

  Pioneers in the industry providing different dimension to whole Brain Development course.

  Ongoing support from the company and Goodwill in industry.

The franchise Offers:

BrainCarve Educare India Pvt. Ltd. offers excellent business opportunity for dynamic young men and women of India / abroad, who wish to join BrainCarve as business associates. Minimal investment of resources, vision, time & goal oriented efforts are the required criteria to clinch the opportunity to grow as successful entrepreneurs.

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