Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of BrainCarve Program?

The Purpose of BrainCarve Programme is to help children to achieve whole brain development i.e., to be able to use both sides of their brain. We mostly use only one side of the brain.

Studies around the world in brain development shows that any individual who is able to use both sides of their brain will be able to tap their resources to the maximum potential and hence will remain intelligent for life.

BrainCarve develops ability in children to use both sides of their brain by offering exercises to sharpen both their logical and creative brains simultaneously.

What is the duration of the BrainCarve Program?

BrainCarve Programme is a 18 months program consists of 6 levels each level comprising of 3 months. Classes are held twice a week for one hour each or once in a week for 2 hours, usually on weekends.

After every 3 months, the child moves up to the next level. All children irrespective of their age they enroll in to the 1st level and as they finish the 1st level in 3 months and they go on to the 2nd level. There is a test at the end of every level.

By end of 6 levels and you will see his performance and the empowerment that your child has acquired after every level.

What is the eligibility for the program?

Age group for children is from 4- 16 years. They can join at any age between 4 to 16 years. The younger the better it is.

Your child should be able to recite and write numbers from 1 to 10, writing letters of the Alphabet.

Your child should be able understand and respond to simple sentences and communication that we use in our day to day life like, “what is your name?”, “what did you have for breakfast?” etc.

We will assist the child at every level.

How can my child do best with BrainCarve?

The important aspect is the daily practice. BrainCarve is a Skill Development Programme. It is necessary to practice for 10-20 minutes everyday at home apart from the weekly classes. We will be providing with the practice workbooks which are to be done as advised by the teacher.

How do you check the quality?

We strictly adhere to maximum of 15 children in each batch to ensure individual attention. Our teachers will assist your children their learning process & systems.

We do have monitoring system. Incase, your child requires additional hours of training (apart from the regular classes) we conduct extra classes for smaller groups of kids or a one to one, as required.

We also have a Parent’s Feedback Form or a email support, where in you can express your views or doubts either during the level or at the end of the level.

We would be having Regional & National Competitions every year. Competitions would provide a good platform, experience and opportunities to learn valuable skills, training strategies which will ensure a high quality performance.

What would be the improvements in the child?

The BrainCarve is whole brain development program and a wholesome experience in itself. Children improve in various aspects like concentration, memory, listening skills, learning ability, creativity, imagination, self confidence, visualization, speed & accuracy, problem solving skills, mathematical proficiency and more.

Child understands and learns the right attitude for life through the creative skills ways taught and done in the class.

We empower them with enhancing the academics, artistic abilities, attitude, skills for life.

Will it help in academics?

Yes, BrainCarve children have enhanced concentration and builds memory skills. They have sharpness in their observation, grasping and retention abilities.

Low achievers become high achievers. With the new confidence and belief we help them to identify the leader within.

Is this program for the normal child?

Yes this program is for normal child. Slow learners or child with learning disability can be considered on case to case basis, and after knowing the history and past experiences of the child.

What is unique about the BrainCarve syllabus?

The whole brain development program of BRAINCARVE with 6 in one approach itself makes it unique.

The only approach that teaches you child Magic fingers, Vedic Maths, Memory Techniques, Thinking Techniques, Win in 60 seconds and also Abacus.

The multi level program and every level consists of all the techniques, with concept teaching in class, workbooks for home study, class exercises and test at the end of every level.

How much should one wait to see the difference in the child?

BrainCarve is a quality program and tried and tested in market with testimonials from parents, principals. If your child practices daily for 15 minutes, you will see the changes gradually. The daily practice is mandatory to see the desired improvement. You can see noticeable changes in your child with in 6-9 months i.e., by the time he completes 2-3 levels. As a good observant parent, you will be able to see subtle yet very valuable improvements much before that. It is recommended to do minimum of 3 levels to see the improvement. Children would start loving it on the own….