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We let you join with us...

We, at BrainCarve, are looking for passionate and dynamic individuals from across the country to partner with us and accelerate the extent of this revolutionary program which is challenging and at the same time mentally and financially rewarding. BRAINCARVE brings to you the unique opportunity to become part of the Franchisee network and establish a “Whole Brain Development Program” Concept centre in your town.

In a Nutshell

Get connected with BRAINCARVE- a research based organization which aims to instill values such as Motivation, Visualization, Creativity, Accuracy,

Optimism, Leadership and Innovation in children within the 5- 16 years’ age bracket. The unique “Whole Brain Development” Program employs six techniques which aim to modify the way children think and act.


The program designed by BRAINCARVE is comprehensive, structured, easy to administer and is fun- filled.

Franchisor Support:

  BRAINCARVE will lend its brand name to the Franchisee

  Excellent course content and test material which have been developed by experts will be provided to the Franchisee

  The Franchisee will be offered dedicated technical support and marketing support teams as and when necessary

  Studies around the world in brain development shows that any individual who is able to use both sides of their brain will be able to tap their resources to the maximum potential and hence will remain intelligent for life.

  BrainCarve develops ability in children to use both sides of their brain by offering exercises to sharpen both their logical and creative brains simultaneously.

Franchisee Advantages:

  The Franchisee will receive consistent support in terms of Training and content

  Efficient administrative systems will be in place in order to facilitate smooth functioning of the center

  Extensive support will be offered to the Franchisee not just during initial launch but also during ongoing business development

  Follow up field consulting will be provided to the Franchisee

Ideal Franchisee Candidate:

  An individual with Entrepreneurial spirits and Passion for education

  An individual who owns property or can rent space

  An individual who may retain Commercial or residential place with minimum 500 Sq.Ft* to accommodate 10 children.

  An individual who can invest Capital

  Most importantly, an individual who is passionate about education and development.

Why Franchising

There are many people these days that are considering breaking away from the restraints of a traditional 9 am to 5 pm job and going into business for themselves. They find themselves with the option of starting a business from absolutely nothing or going into franchising and working under an already established brand name.

Benefits of franchising includes:

  Using a tried, true tested business model that is available in franchising may save you a few costly mistakes which despite being learning experiences are still rather unpleasant.

  Financing is usually easier to obtain for franchising with much better rates and business opportunities are easier to come as and when stands on it.

  There are already marketing plans mapped out in a franchising business, as a result money will not be waste on advertising and promotion, meaning more overall profit for you.

  Franchisor can act as a business advisor and mentor to franchisee in all matters of franchising where he/she still not quite accustomed to.

  Franchising gives you the advantage of working under a recognized and established brand name which will give customers a sense of security and eventually result in more revenue.

  Franchisee will be able to buy requirements and tools through franchising company for lower costs and as a result save quite a bit on expenses which is a major advantage.

Why with us

When it comes to associating with a brand, sharing its vision and adopting its operational functionalities, making the right choice is critical. Vista understands the need to reach out to those who are in need of proper educational services for fulfillment of huge demand of middle level skilled professionals.

We also wish to extend our reach to those who are deprived of best education due to lack of adequate facilities, necessary opportunities and personal care. In a brief period of time since we initiated operations, we have in our own little way made efforts to bring smiles on those who trusted us today with their tomorrow. Through you, we wish bring this smiles on many more faces.

Business Friendly Environment:

  Well qualified, trained and industry experienced team .

  Staff Recruitment and Training.

  Experienced and Trained faculty provided from HO.

  Honest and Dedicated Support at your reach.

  Conceptualize, Creative & Marketing Support.

  ERP based online solutions – proposed.

  Brand Building Activities.

  Courseware support in bilingual languages.

  Speed Test with national level ranking.

  Day to day updates provided by HO on regular basis.

If you think you are the ideal candidate to be part of the BRAINCARVE network as Franchisee or Business Consultant, get in touch with us.

Kindly download our brochure here: