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Considering the increasingly growing demand in the schools for Extra curriculum Program education, BrainCarve has decided to create an exclusive model to implement the BrainCarve Program in the schools. This model of the program is for implementation of BrainCarve Training for the students of the school as part of curriculum.

BrainCarve Program – Every course outline module is carefully designed to enable effective learning possible and Syllabus content & test papers are designed to provide precise challenges so that the students move ahead with confidence.


BrainCarve is a 8 level program, 4 months each totally 2 levels per year with unique combination of 6 different techniques, namely Vedic Maths, Abacus, Memory , Thinking , Win in 60 seconds and Magic Fingers, for children of classes from standard 1 to standard 8. The different techniques focus on areas of Brain, Mathematics, Thinking, Memory and Personality. The techniques and their areas of focus are

Techniques Area of focus
Magic Fingers Gross Motor Skills, Fun and Fast MathLeft and Right Brain Activation
Vedic Maths Speed Math , Removes Math phobia
Win in 60 seconds Personality Development for Kids
Thinking Technique Lateral Thinking , problem solving skills
Memory Technique Methodology to memorize with Academic Syllabus
Abacus Concentration, Speed, Accuracy, Math skills

This course is designed by our own research team along with collaboration from researchers in U.S.A.

Benefits for the Schools:

  All students will benefit from it since BrainCarve helps the students in their entire studies / academics.

  Students could avoid “after school time” for learning

  School could put spare capacities of space, time and their manpower to better use and provide skill supporting activity to the children of the school.

  Teachers can use our methodologies to teacher regular school curriculum.

  BrainCarve company will be always glad to provide the best of products, quality program training and course administration procedures which will enable school managements to make available quality education and the resultant brain skills and arithmetic proficiency to the students.

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Pre school

If you run a preschool and would like to establish yourself as a preschool with competitive advantages, BrainCarve is the program for you to run. A whole brain development program which enables you to make maximum utilization of your premises as well as your resources, this program is a unique, one of its kind program which caters to children belonging to the 5- 16 year age bracket.

This 6 in 1 integrated program has the scope to enhance your business and has the reach to ensure that you maintain an edge. To know more about the program, its benefits, its scope and the opportunities, please go through the PPT.

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