Vedic Maths

wallpaperA lot of children dread Mathematics. So profound is this fear in some that they end up dropping the subject altogether. The reasons why Mathematics poses so much trouble may be because there is constant fear in children that there are too many operations to be carried out, too many lengthy calculations to be done and it is not as simple to arrive at a solution.

Vedic Mathematics is a branch which aims to combine related language senses and application skills of a person. The system is designed in such a way so as to increase computational speed, primarily through the use of simple techniques and tricks. Once speed is enhanced and computation is simplified, Mathematics does not seem as onerous any more.

At BrainCarve, we offer Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of Vedic Mathematics. The program is designed in such a way that there is lateralized brain thinking. The use of Vedic Mathematics helps in improving concentration, enhancing confidence and solving large calculations with ease. Vedic Mathematics serves as a link between all branches of Mathematics and at the same time also clarifies basic Mathematical concepts.

A few advantages of learning Vedic Mathematics are:

  • It provides one line answer in many cases.
  • It improves analytical power of brain.
  • Logical thinking improves.
  • It builds a new vision to think differently.
  • It improves patience.
  • It gives enjoyment.
  • It removes mathematics phobia.
  • Learning Sanskrit Sutras gives peace of mind.
  • The concepts serve as a boon especially during competitive time bound examinations where speed and accuracy have to be balanced.