Thinking Techniques

“Intelligence is something we are born with. Thinking is a skill that must be learned.” – Edward de Bono

We eventually end up becoming what we think of ourselves. Our thoughts and thought processes play a critical role in the development of our personality. When faced with a problem, our thoughts determine the courses of actions we need to take to arrive at solutions to the problem. Most often, we fail to solve the problem at hand because we focus more on the problem that on the different courses of actions to arrive at a solution. This happens because we are not trained to think outside the purview of the problem, because we are not trained to think out of the box.

BrainCarve is the only company in Asia to teach children thinking techniques. There are two thought modes- vertical thinking mode and lateral thinking mode. Vertical thinking entails sequential thinking and is extremely useful when we are solving a mathematical problem step by step. However, in life, we often face problems wherein the solution is not sequential. We need to be more creative while arriving at a solution. We probably might need to have diverse view points and diverse ways of solving a problem. The creative way of thinking is called Lateral Thinking.

Lateral Thinking also enhances the effectiveness of Vertical Thinking.

  • Improves Problem Solving Skills
  • Convert complicated problems into definite opportunities
  • Using alternative way of thinking
  • Help increase number of ideas and new vistas by using and adapting unconventional thinking techniques and methods.
  • Improve creativity
  • Think in a innovative approach
  • Tap the unseen talents and skills to find solutions to problems.