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  • 6 Levels to Master this Programme.
  • Each Stage for three moths i.e. 12 classes for each Level
  • Classes are conducted once a week for two hours.
  • After every Level there will be an assessment. On completing the Assessment successfully the student is promoted to the next Level.
  • Certificates are issued after the completion of each level

Magic Fingers

This technique teaches the children to use the 10 fingers to count up to 99 and as well add, subtract. Performing calculation using this technique, it is proved that the child activates both left and right sides of the brain. The brain theory says that the left side brain is wired with the right side of the body and vice versa during such activities Read More..

Vedic Maths

Vedic Mathematics as taught today relates language sense and application skill of a person. It is a system of calculation aimed at speed and accuracy which increases counting and computational abilities. It helps in the coordination of the right and the left brain. We offer courses at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Read More..

Memory Technique

Almost all of us have problems of poor memory at some point in time. It happens so because we are not trained in such a way to get information from our memory as and when required. Our brain is so powerful such that all observations made by us are available within ourselves in storage memory. Read More..

Thinking Techniques

Attitude is everything. You become what you think. Such is the power of human thought process. Many of us get stuck at many situations. That is because we start thinking about the problem and not the ways to “come out of it, the solutions”. It is natural as we are not trained in “out of the box” thinking or “lateral” thinking.Read More..

Win in 60 Seconds

At BrainCarve, we have introduced personality development for the children which is a pioneering effort. We believe in the dictum “excellence starts early”. One may think that it is impossible to accomplish anything significant in 60 seconds. You would change your mind once you go through BrainCarve training sessions.
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Abacus is a computing skill which uses physical elements to relate answer and memory! Handling the abacus instrument with both the hands helps in triggering the left and right brain. The left brain is in charge of logic, literacy & numerical, analytical and sequential facts whereas the right brain is responsible for color, music, imagination, sense, rhyming, daydreaming, patterned and overall thinking.Read More…