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In this day and age of cutting edge technology and cut- throat competition, there is increasing need for a task force which can manage the logical execution bit and can creatively rise above the competition. Our children will be tomorrow’s task force and the need of the hour is to make our children smarter and more creative. This means that there is need for a programme which goes beyond the stipulated school curriculum.

BrainCarve programme is a unique, one of its kind programme which aims at facilitating whole brain development in children between 5 and 16 years of age. Children who fall within this age group are quite impressionable. Therefore, introducing a programme such as this which challenges them, keeps them active, helps them socialize and enhances their self esteem is beneficial.

BrainCarve programmes are designed in such a way so as to help your child learn new skills through concepts and Activities. This means that there is also scope for release of excess pent up energy that children have, which they are unable to expel while at school or home. The programme helps children to develop their personalities and to explore various arenas that they might not have explored without guidance.